I know we haven’t posted in, like, forever, but we’ve been so busy! We both just had a super stressful math test, and we’re prepping for finals in 2-3 weeks.

I am literally so bad at Jazz. I’m signing up for our next intensive to try to get moved up to Jazz 4, but I don’t think I will. It’s nearly impossible to get through Jazz 3 in only a year.



Sorry for not posting! Isabel and I have been on a three-day all-nature field trip and, obviously, no electronics were allowed. I have to go to dance in an hour, though I really don’t want to. I’ve missed all of my classes this week, so I think it’s probably best if I go, whether I like it or not. Keep voting on our polls, and hope you all are enjoying what we’re writing! It may just be me for awhile because Isabel’s gone to Florida’s west coast for Easter, and we live on the east coast. Thanks for checking out our blog, and never stop dancing! -Charlotte<3



This photo (creds to Pinterest) applies to me so much. I have passion, but let’s just say my technique and flexibility areas are extremely worrisome. Seriously, extremely worrisome. Please keep voting in our poll! My vote was for tap; what was yours for? My feet literally move by themselves in tap dancing, and I have a habit of doing it with my feet under the desk at school, too. So keep up the comments and likes, and never stop dancing! -Charlotte ❤❤

In a Lull

In a Lull

It’s 10:30, and we basically have to work for another 3 hours with this. This is a filtered, cropped, focused picture of the act pages from my recital last year. Wish us luck with figuring this out!

Qotp: What Ballet Level are you in?
Aotp: Isabel’s in 4 ( her studio moves faster) and I’m in 3.


You play football? Adorable.

You play football? Adorable.

Hi! This is two dancers, Isabel and Charlotte, and this is a school project for 4/11/14. Today at school is known as Innovation Day, where all the kids in our grade get to choose to do something they’ve never done before and direct their own curriculum for a day. So, of course, as dancers, we chose to make our own dance blog! Don’t worry, though- we’ll keep this updated, even if it’s for school:) -Charlotte<3